Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It's Wednesday, right?

And I'm back in Vegas, thinking "this is where I came in."

It's been a whirlwind tour of the west, and I finished it up today leaving Joshua Tree and driving up through the Mohave Preserve, passing through Searchlight, Nevada, Harry Reid's hometown. I notice that they don't have any signs there proclaiming that, but then considering that the whole town is little more than a collection of beat-up trailers, it's pretty obvious that Dingy Harry hasn't funneled any of his graft money or even taxpayer dollars back home. But then everyone knows that Harry is pretty much just Virginia's third senator anyway.

I moved up into Boulder City and toured Hoover Dam, and now I'm back in Vegas, waiting on my flight out tomorrow night. It's been a blast these last two weeks and I'm already starting to plan my 2015 western adventure trip, this time running a bit farther north and hopefully when it's not four million degrees outside everyday.

Special thanks to Eric and Lu--and Angus--for the wonderful hospitality and the cooler that I thought that I could live without. It was a daily lifesaver.


  1. Have a safe trip home. Can't wait to see the pictures. I hope to meet Eric, Lu and Angus sometime. They are good people.

  2. Travel safe, now you're at the most dangerous part... ;-)

  3. Funny thing about Searchlight. Did you know that Dingy Harry just sold off the family home and a hundred acres or so of land to some Mining Company? Said he was moving to Vegas to be "Closer to the Kids."

    Oh, and he only got about $2 MILLION for that piece of desert.

    How does one spell "Crony Capitalism?" H..A..R..R..