Sunday, June 01, 2014

They're really just like kids sometimes

So the dogs have been wrestling and grappling with each other since I got home tonight. It's all play but it's loud and annoying so eventually I take the dogs into the bedroom to lie on their dog beds and relax while I indulge in a bit of quiet reading. Murphy lays down on his bed like a good dog, but Belle wants more so she walks over and begins poking and prodding Murphy on his bed.

"Belle," I announce, "we don't fight on the beds. You need to be like Murphy there and chill."

Oo course, no sooner do I say the words than Murphy reaches up and grabs Belle by the neck while she's looking at me, and it's on like a furry UFC match in the bedroom.

Sigh. Just like kids. Like freaking A.D.D kids.


  1. LOL, they're making up for being good yesterday...

  2. Hey Murphy

    You gotta admit...the built in entertainment is pretty good.

  3. And no cover charge!

    I got Abby this Plush Angry Bird toy, didn't realize until she squeezed it that it just didn't squeak, it made the loud SQWAAACK of the angry bird. At first it scared her, then she delighted in make the sound again and again and again, until I finally had to take it away from her. She's looking at me with that "you make ME listen to Metallica!?"

  4. Gotta wonder if this pup is one of Belle' s Relations! {;>)