Saturday, July 05, 2014

Just a down day

Still tired from yesterday. Some of us had to work and work long and hard on the Fourth.

As a consequence, nothing special to post about today. The dogs spent the day wrestling with each other when I was up and napping with me when I wasn't.

And for those of you who have been wondering, I plan to get out this week and get the plane flying again. Of course all I need now is a new camera, since the trip out west finished off my Nikon that I use for the aerial photos. But give me time, I'll take care of that too.

I'll have better posts tomorrow--hopefully--but for now, just read some of the other cool bloggers to the left of this post and maybe enjoy this video about the days when Saturday mornings were magical. If you're old enough, it can be a real time-burner.

I remember most of these, and I'd competeley forgotten a lot of them until I saw this.


  1. So did you look like the kid or the giant toadstool???

    No don't sic Murphy and Belle on me I was just kidding!!!

  2. Seventies hair. Everyone had it, which is why so few pictures exist from those days, Keads' blog excepted, of course.

  3. Sometimes you just have to stay inside where it's cool and catch up for a minute.

  4. Definitely a trip down memory lane--the commercials especially.

    I have destroyed most of my pictures from the 70s. Keads is a braver soul than most to both keep and post pics from that era.