Monday, July 28, 2014

The Western Road

Some random views.

Somewhere in Arizona, along Highway 89.
Marble Canyon.
Indian reservation homes along Highway 160.
Welcome to New Mexico.
Heading south on 491.
Lotta open space out there. I drove for hours--for days--without turning on the radio, just because I wanted to drink all of this openness in. And the lack of traffic. I could go for miles witout seeing another car and I could drive as fast as I wanted without having some blockhead ahead of my harshing my mellow and slowing me down. Now that I'm back here, I miss it, especially after this morning's commute.

But on the plus side, after five days of forced immobility and staying off it, my foot's getting better. I'll be back out in the real world this week, and I'll find new stuff to post about.

And now I've got the bug to mfly up to Maine. For lobster. Tentative trip planning commenced last night.


  1. Glad your foot's doing better.
    When I was a kid, my Dad was assigned to Webb AFB, TX. The wing commander decided he wanted a lobster boil at the club. So my dad took a T-38 and flew to Pease AFB NH and bought lobster. A Lot of lobster, a complete baggage pod full of lobster. Now this was mid summer and as he was flying back home with the booty, the airplane broke at Tinker AFB Ok. While I don't remember exactly what he said went wrong, it evidently was serious as he was there for a few days. He was very popular at the VOQ (visiting officers quarters) as he was having lobster cookout nightly. However, those were the last lobsters he ever ate. We'd occasionally cook steak and lobster for special dinners and he'd always give his lobster to one of us. Just said he'd had his fill.

    1. Awkward spot to be in. Careers have been dented over less-deliberate incidents.

    2. Probably didn't use my words well. The wing king authorized the cross country and the airplane broke on RTB..
      Love the see 'em coming distances in the pictures. One of my favorite drives is US 90 from Del Rio to Marathon and then down into Big Bend. Similar terrain and vistas. I can feel my Blood Pressure declining out there.

  2. See for another interesting drive, still evolving.

  3. Lobster: Go to Brown's in Seabrook NH. Get a beer "to go" from down the street first. Was there two weeks ago. Wear old clothes.

  4. Ya, I get that it was ok, but we both know that there are bosses and peers who will someday be bosses who will take the attitude: "We sent you for lobster and you come back with an excuse?" May not be your fault, but there are always those willing to blame. Lord knows that I work for a few.

  5. Well, if you head to Maine, let Wally from York Arms know you're nearby. Great Guy!

  6. FYI: The Scarborough Fish and Game Association is having its 24th annual Lobster Match September 5-7. If you can shoot Bullseye and eat Lobster, you're in. ( [Not sure how many lobsters I could eat over a three-day match.]

  7. Until about ten years ago, US 491 was US 666.