Friday, September 05, 2014

A Flaw in the Victim-Selection Process...

Ah, poor Robert Flynn of Spring Garden, PA. He'll forever be known for his decision to chase after a female jogger, grope her and pull her pants down.'

You see, this female jogger also happened to be a US Marshal, and she ate his lunch.

Pittsburgh teen tied to assault on U.S. marshal

To sum up the tale, after he pulled her pants down, she chased after him, caught him in an apartment complex, then kicked him in the junk and punched him in the face before the police arrived to save arrest him. Well prisoners read the papers too, and needless to say, his "street cred", or lack thereof, should go a long ways to ensure that his time in jail is as interesting as it could possibly be. And that thought makes me smile today.


  1. Heh! Well done Marshal! Well done indeed.

  2. Hahahaha! Feel GOOD story!

  3. Yeah, but she SHOULD have been carrying... Just sayin...

    1. I hear ya and i agree. Running and biking is why i bought my Ruger LCP.. Its light, compact and sweat-resistant. No runner should be without one.

  4. Anonymous9:53 PM

    +1 PH

  5. Who says she wasn't armed and just didn't need a gun to subdue and apprehend this crayon eater?

  6. Aww, she hurt her pinkie! Poor woman. Faces are hard, and punching people in the face can be dangerous forthe health of your hands. Hope she feels better soon!

  7. This just made my day. He got beaten up by a girl a foot shorter than he. He's going to be hearing about that for a LONG time.