Thursday, September 25, 2014

I'd tell him not to let the door hit him on the way out...

but I'd really like to see Eric Holder get hit by a door. Hard and repeatedly.

Attorney General Eric Holder to Resign

I honestly cannot recall an official of that rank who was more corrupt and who displayed more bias and favoritism, usually against the majority of our country and our legal system. He was the first "Chief Law Enforcement Officer" to actually display open hatred and contempt for US Law Enforcement, and the blood of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry will forever be on his hands from "Fast and Furious" will never rinse off.

With a record of scandal and malfeasance that goes back to his days working for the Clintons, Eric Holder should never have been allowed back in government service, much less appointed Attorney General. But he was, and it's to the shame of the Obamaites, the media that refused to report on his past misconduct, and every Republican that failed to vigorously oppose him that he got a second chance to do so much wrong under color of law. He truly disgraced his office and the Justice Department and his departure comes six years too late to ever make that right.

Good riddance. Now let's hope that our new Congress and Senate investigate him properly and put him in federal prison where he belongs.


  1. What you said in your first line...

  2. Here'a a scenario for you. One of the Supreme Court judges step down (Ginsberg, 81, and after two bouts of cancer). Obama nominates Holder. Confirmed during lame duck session of Congress after elections.

    Is that a nightmare or what?

    1. Dear John Hinckley,

      So glad to hear that you are now free and getting your life back in order. I wish you well with your future. By the way, have you heard that Jodi Foster is now dating Eric Holder?

      Best regards,


    2. Hinckley?? Nope, wrong John. Wasn't he a Dimmocrat?? Anyway, wrong generation on the Jodi thing. Besides, I am a better shot.

  3. BO's already got his blanket pardon written... Bet on it!

  4. I'd rather see him get hit by a TRUCK!

    Preferably one going at a very high velocity.....

  5. Anonymous2:15 AM

    +1 Old Nfo and DrJim