Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Obama disrespects our Marines again, "salutes" with coffee cup in his hand.

What a total ass-monkey. Seriously. Because nothing says "I respect you" like not even bothering to put your coffee cup in the other hand while returning an honor offered to you.

President Obama Gesture to Marines Dubbed ‘Latte Salute’

And typically, the media is already trying to defray outrage by downplaying it (see story above) or ignoring it. (But if Bush had done such a thing...)

No wonder the Secret Service leaves the White House doors unlocked when he's in there. Who really wants to take a bullet for this self-absorbed prat?


  1. With him not having military training or experience, I think it would have been fine for him to just transfer his cup to the offhand and wave in acknowledgement, or to just nod in greeting and verbally acknowledge their salutes.

    Either one would be fine, and more respectful than what he did do.

  2. He is, may I remind you, both the President and Commander-in-Chief, a point that was raised to President Reagan when he asked if he could salute while wearing civilian clothes. If he decides to salute the Marines while carrying a dildo, that's his prerogative.

    1. Just because you *can* do something, that doesn't mean that you should. (ex: fat women who wear Spandex and old men in Speedos.) Obama is widely percieved to have nothing but disdain for our troops and stuff like this only validates that perception.

  3. I think your last paragraph is exactly it. Why bother?

  4. What a fucking dickhead!

    Pardon my mouth........

  5. A salute is a gesture of respect. While generally mandatory in uniform, it can be optionally performed when not in uniform. If not in uniform, it darn well ought to be performed with respect. If not, it should not be performed at all.

  6. It's too bad the lid didn't come off the cup during the "salute"

  7. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Obama is a arrogant ass