Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Out and about today

I went out to run a few errands, and while out, I saw this sign for a political candidate.
I'd like to help the guy out, but for one thing, I don't know anything about him. And aside from that, I already pledged my vote to Mike Nesmith. Sorry Davy.

(If you don't get the joke, ask your parents, kid. And get off my lawn.)

Then I saw this in the parking lot at the drug store.
Welcome to West Virginia.

Then it was out to the range to play for a bit with an old friend, a Remington-produced Springfield 1903A3.

This one hasn't been out of the safe in years, but it shot quite well indeed at a hundred yards today--well enough to make me feel guilty for not taking it out more. I used to shoot this one in the Springfield matches at Camp Perry, and I got it from the CMP back when they had a big batch of small arms back from Greece. I bought several Springfields out of that batch, but most went away when I needed money after losing the leg. This one I kept though, and after shooting it today, I remembered why. It's got the black Greek park job but it shoots great.
Hundred yard target. Ammo used: some 16 year-old reloads made with 150gr. pull-down bullets and surplus powder. This target is only 12" wide and 18" high, and I shot it from a seated position at a bench--no rest or sandbags. The shot at the bottom left was the first shot fired, follwed by two of those low 8-ring hits, but after a couple of sight tweaks, I got it pretty much where I was happy with it--the 9-ring is six inches high by 4 inches wide and most of them went there when I did my part. The orange center is just visible to my eye at that distance. (No excuse for that 7-ring hit at 3 o'clock--I wanked that one.) And the head shot was my last round, just to do it.

I also finally found out what happens when an upside-down primer gets missed during post-reloading inspection and winds up in your pistol. I was shooting my 1911 when suddenly I heard the light "snap" sound of a squib load. I dropped the mag and cleared the pistol, expecting to find an empty case in the chamber and a bullet lodged somewhere in the barrel, but when a whole round ejected, I picked it up and saw that the primer was in the pocket backwards. The firing pin still set it off, but of course it didn't fire the powder charge. Bag of ammo loaded in 2006; that round sat around for most of a decade waiting to trip me up. And THIS is why I don't use reloads for street carry.

Still a happy day though. And confirmed with the range that the blogshoot next Saturday is still good to go, including Keads' bowling pin shoot.


  1. I like that Springfield. I have two, but I don't shoot them much. Too hard on the shoulder these days. Glad you didn't have any issues with the squib.

  2. Mike made some OUTSTANDING music after splitting with Davy and company.

  3. It's all Monkee bidness.