Thursday, October 09, 2014

Where does this outrage come from?

So now the Liberian National who came into our country with Ebola--the one who lied to both Liberian and US Customs about his medical condition as he came in on a tourist visa while actually planning to get married and stay here indefinitely--is dead. And it took just a few hours for his friends here to start criticizing and threatening lawsuits against the hospital that treated him, the State of Texas, and pretty much everyone else that they can try to loop in. They claim, among other things, that he wasn't given the same high-tech drugs that the other two Ebola-sufferers received, and that he wasn't transported to a specialist medical facility for no-holds-barred treatment like they were. and now they're doing press conferences and talk shows and Jesse Jackson has already arrived on scene and begun declaring things to be "racist".

Excuse me, but why would these people think that the rest of us owe this guy anything at all?

The two others who were treated were both doctors who went in harm's way to help stop this disease, and both were Americans. This guy was just a foreign national who was trying to game our immigration system for his own benefit, and I seriously doubt that he came into our country with medical insurance or a big bag of cash to pay for extensive isolation and comprehensive treatment. No, all he did was show up and expose at least 48 other people that we know of tho his disease, and the bills for his treatment and observation and monitoring of the others has already run well into the millions of dollars. were we supposed to just open our national checkbook and disburse unlimited funds to save this guy who isn't even one of us? He got basic care for free just like any other uninsured person showing up at an american hospital would have, but now that the usual suspect race-baiters are on the stage, suddenly that's not good enough and there are insinuations that we as a country somehow "owed" this guy unlimited access to scarce resources with money being no object.

Screw that. What we should have done--and what we would have done if I was president--was seal this guy up in a medical isolation bubble and fly him right back to Liberia, and then stop all flights back to our country from Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. But I'm not president, Am I? Unfortunately that job went to some guy who is not only keeping our airports open to carriers of the disease, but sending our soldiers into those countries so that they can catch it, too.
It would seem that THAT is what Jesse Jackson should be spouting off about, but I guess that he's going to wait until our servicemen (specifically our black servicemen) start coming back with this disease.

America is doomed unless our leaders butch up and put protection over politics and common sense over color.


  1. Yes, exactly! Thank you for saying what I've been thinking

  2. "America is doomed unless our leaders butch up and put protection over politics and common sense over color."

    Or....we change our leaders.

  3. "...he wasn't given the same high-tech drugs..."

    Um, that's because:

    A. Those drugs weren't distributed to every single hospital in America, "just in case" someone walks in with Ebola -- that's why they flew the guys to Atlanta, where they were prepared ahead of time to receive them, and some the the world's best Ebola docs were within short commuting range. . .

    B. Using them for those early treatments USED UP THE WORLD'S SUPPLY of those drugs for the next few months.

    Was the Magic Ebola Med Fairy supposed to come shit some experimental drugs?

    Oh, and, we have exactly ZERO idea if teh experiemntal treatments on those earlier cases had anything to do with survivial. They threw the ENTIRE pot of spaghetti at the wall, and hoped SOMETHING would stick. Their survival could have been anything from basic healthy lifesttyle beforehand to good genes to simple friggin' luck.

  4. What I hope I'm seeing is the people from both the left, and the right, getting tired of the race pimps. Like any parasite, the race pimps are sensitive to their environment, and see their influence (and financial shakedowns) coming to an end. Makes them double down, hopefully in desperation. I can hope, can't I?

  5. We can kiss this all goodbye. No one is going to step up to the "plate".

  6. It's my understanding that the manufacture of the drug is highly labor intensive and involves injecting ebola into tobacco plants, waiting until the right time, harvesting, crushing, and extracting. There is no way to synthasize it.

  7. Rev Jessah at it again... Sigh

  8. If you enter the US from an infected country you should have your thumb dipped in paint that doesn't come off for 20 days. That way we know where you've been. Why not? Because RACIST.

  9. Sadly political correctness will stop anyone from stepping up to the plate and look out for America and Americans

  10. I agree entirely with your point of view. There are certain ethnic minorities where the prevalent attitude is "where my check" and "somebody got to get down here and be responsible." I take care of myself. I take care of my family. Let them do the same.

  11. Political Correctness will kill us!