Thursday, October 23, 2014


I. Have. Hot. Water!!!

And an in-line filter now to keep well sediment out of the new water heater.

And most of the floodwater has been shop-vac'd out of the basement. Much stuff to be thrown out now, but that's for later.

Thanks to Eric for the help. That's all.


  1. Good news! Yeah, the sediment up there is fierce. Toasted the paint (sightly) on the new ride, I can only imagine what it does to plumbing.

  2. Congrats!

    Friends are awesome.

  3. Yeah.. I'm thinking of having a second level one put in. It was fine the first year but then there was a lot of developement and it stirred everything up. My single stage filter is supposed to to last 3 months but no. I'm surprised it hasn't destroyed the hot water heater yet.

  4. A shop-vac is a good thing to have from time to time, too bad you needed it.
    Hoping tomorrow goes better for you...

  5. How difficult was the inline filter install? Should it go on the main cold water line ahead of the pressure regulator or just on the spur to the heater?...I put in a new water heater last year and I figure it would be good insurance.

    1. Was easy. 5 minute job, since new pipe was being put on anyway. There's already one on the cold line to the rest of the house courtesy of the home's previous owner.

  6. You should probably drain and vacuum your water heater out once a year if you have a big sediment problem. And a water-alarm might be a good investment for the future if your basement is vulnerable to water intrusion (or an exploding water heater.)

  7. Glad you got everything fixed!!! Hot water is definitely a must this time of the year! :)