Saturday, December 13, 2014

And you thought that today's lawyers are bad...

Just wait until the current crop of law school students pass the bar and begin inflicting themselves on society.

First we have the students at Columbia University who demanded--and got--extensions on their exams because they wanted to run around protesting instead of study were "traumatized" over the Ferguson and Eric Garner Grand Jury decisions. Supposedly the spoiled brats at Harvard Law and Georgetown Law Schools are now demanding the same special treatment now.

Seriously, if these coddled kids are so upset about something that happened to someone that they don't know in someplace that most of them have never been and never will go, how exactly are they going to be able to deal with the real world when they get out in actual practice.

"Yo' Honor, I can't represent my client today because I'm all sad and angry about a news story that I saw on the TV, so please just reschedule today's case even though everyone else is ready for trial, ok? And if you don't, you're racist and insensitive!"

And now we have the special snowflakes at UCLA Law, who are raging mad because they were asked a final exam question about the antics of Mike Brown's step-father in ferguson.

UCLA law professor learns Ferguson-related exam question taboo

And again, because a handful of perpetually-pampered brats are upset, the adults in charge cave in. Here, the professor who asked the question on his exam decided after the fact to throw it out and not grade it, basically rewarding the whiners and totally boning anyone who actually chose to answer that question and devote some of his or her allotted test time to it. How unfair is that?

These kids--these alleged "adults" who are soon to be lawyers if they can just get past a simple bar exam--are so empotionally fragile that they can't even be asked to discuss a topic on First Amendment grounds and make an actual argument one way or the other. That's ridiculous and it should be grounds for expulsion from law school, not accomodations. I mean, with this sort of emotional stability, about the only thing that these crybabies will ever be qualified to do is flip burgers...and maybe teach at a law school.


  1. "special snowflakes at UCLA Law". I am the founder and only member of the Anti-Snowflake Defamation League.

    We take exception to your comparison of these individuals as "snowflakes". I will have you know, we have documentation PROVING that snowflakes have IQ's 62 points higher than UCLA Law students. We are also able to PROVE snowflakes have an ABUNDANCE of common sense over that group.

    We find your comments RACISSSST!!! Plus, HOMOPHOBIC!!!

    In response, we are going to protest in a way that will affect you personally. Be prepared for our demonstration, when we loot and burn a Dollar Store in Stillwater, Oklahoma (That will teach you).

  2. Beyond pathetic.

  3. {Repost, substantially verbatim, of my 8 December comment on The Shekel blog}

    I once had a case with a Columbia Law grad who graduated with various accolades and honors. He was with a white shoe firm. He was well-regarded in the legal community.

    But I won the case!!

    So I don't bow down or snap to attention when someone waves an Ivy League sheepskin in my face.

    I also hasten to note that demonstrating has long been part of Columbia Law's curriculum, and many demonstrative Columbia Law students have used their Columbia credentials to advance far in the legal field. The late Gustin Reichbach comes immediately to mind [ ].

  4. Anonymous8:12 PM

    +1 JMD

  5. That professor should not have backed down.

  6. It seems like the limp d**k young people wind up at college, and the good one's end up waiting tables.

  7. "empotionally" = emotional & impotent?

  8. Punk as in Punk Azz