Saturday, December 06, 2014

Woman Upset Over Son's Arrest Burns Down Police Officer Neighbor's Home.

Donna Krupp, age 52, of Limerick Township, PA was upset because her fugitive son was picked up by the Pennsylvania State Police recently. Suspecting that her next-door neighbor, a Detective with the Township Police, was responsible for her son's apprehension, She waited until the detective and his family were on vacation to Disney World ojn Thursady and burned his house down.

Penn. mom torched police detective’s home in revenge for son’s arrest: police

How would you like to have your family vacation interrupted by a call telling you that your house and all of your possessions are gone and your pets are dead? Then to find out that your neighbor did it just because you're a cop and she has problems with cops from a different department. That's insane, and with her for a "parent", it leaves no doubt as to why this woman's son has trouble with the police.

If there's any justice, she'll get out of prison one day to find that her home, car and other belongings have been sold to make her neighbor whole again. But since we don't live in a country where the bad people are held responsible, some of the detective's friends are raising funds to help him and his family out. If you've got a mind to help someone deserving in need this Christmas season, I can think of a pretty good recipient, right there.


  1. Will do, and truly sad... Sigh

  2. Anonymous11:12 PM

    She can write to sonny boy from her jail cell.

  3. How devastating for this officer & his family! :(
    And I hope she gets her due punishment.....