Saturday, January 10, 2015

On bikes and bums

Downtown Washington DC this morning. Younger and less jaded co-worker comments that there sure are a lot of homeless guys riding around on nice-looking mountain bikes.

I sigh and shake my head and tell him that for every bum riding around on a bike this morning, somewhere out there is an urban hipster who has uttered the words: "Dude, where's my bike?"

He looked at me, not quite getting it. So I explained further: "Come on didn't think that all of the crime, graft and outright theft in DC was limited to the Capitol and the White House now, did you?"


  1. My shop used to be near Logan Circle. I would not allow the "homeless" access to the bathrooms... I told one guy no, he went out the door, and I turned around to get back to work... SOB ran in, grabbed a bike that belonged to an artist that had space upstairs...She was so pissed she went looking for it. Found the guy riding it, and all 100 pounds of her tackled him, on the bike, and took it back.
    Jesse in DC

  2. Yeah, they sure as hell didn't BUY them!

  3. Freelance wealth redistribution.

  4. Anonymous9:27 PM

    +1 Well Seasoned Fool

  5. YO!

    Murph, drop me an email when you can.....