Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Turn Up The Stupid. Cue Jimmy Carter.

Jimmy Carter, America's second-worst President and full-time anti-semite, will find a way to blame ISRAEL anything and everything, now to include the actions of the French cartoon terrorists.

Jimmy Carter Blames Recent Terror Attacks On ‘Palestinian Problem’

Is there still anyone who thinks that this bitter, hateful old man is even remotely relevant?


  1. Heck, I didn't think he was relevant when he was President!

  2. Um.... in a word, NO!

  3. Carter is the very worst kind of sanctimonious idiot. He was a disgrace to Georgia when he was President, and he's a disgrace now. Surely to God he'll do the world a favor and croak from old age soon.

  4. He needs to shut it, especially when it comes to Israel. It's just not wise to mess with God's people.

  5. Anonymous7:51 PM

    + 1 juvat

  6. But he can sure swing a mean paddle...

    - DF The Wabbit