Saturday, March 14, 2015

Race update

In the Iditarod,

Aliy Zirkle is now in the lead and first musher out of the Koyukuk checkpoint, as Aaron Burmiester drops back to 4th, just behind Mitch Seavey. Jeff King is in second.
Dallas Seavey, once in first, is now down in fifth, but it's still a long race. Martin Buser is way back to 22nd, and the Berington twins are 37th and 38th.

Allen Moore is in 45th place, and down in 53rd place, Marcelle Fressineau is dropping dogs like bread crumbs and she's now down to nine out of Galena.

Gerald Sousa has scratched, as have Christine Roalofs, Gwenn Bogart, and Zoya DeNure.


  1. It's still a long way to go, but good luck to her!