Thursday, March 12, 2015

There are dogs and there are dogs.

Up Alaska way, the real working dogs are doing their stuff in the Iditarod. The lead teams are through the checkpoint at Galena, Aaron Burmeister is in the lead with Dallas Seavey now in second place. Martin Buser, another veteran with a serious track record, is right behind him, having dropped one dog at Galena.
Aliy Zirkle is 6th, and the Berington twins are 26th (Kristy) and 28th (Anna).
Mitch Seavey is currently 32nd, (!!) and Allen Moore is 43rd. And down in 74th pace, Gerald Sousa has already dropped three dogs at Manley Hot Springs.

Meanwhile, down in West Virginia, this update was delayed five minutes because my dogs took my wireless computer mouse off of my office desk while I was out today and it took me a bit to find it out in the living room.

Why my dogs gotta be so weird?


  1. Been eating at the computer desk, so that the mouse smelled like food?

    1. Yep. But still... MY mouse.

  2. "Look, boss: we can haul stuff, too!"

  3. "Umm, yeah, boss, see there was this cat snuck in and was messing with your electronic equipment and stuff. But we took care of him, right, Belle?

    - DF Murphy Lovitz

  4. Hey, at least they don't act like they're part feline. I'm becoming more and more convinced that Scotty thinks he's actually a cat.

  5. Maybe the dogs are thinking of blogging?

  6. Boss, while you were gone......... something happened and......I wuv you so much!

  7. Maybe because of the company they keep

  8. ROTF, because they lurve you... :-)

  9. Anonymous10:51 PM

    +1 Old NFO