Thursday, April 23, 2015

Caught her!

Yesterday, I spent more time out in the dog pen blocking up another Belle tunnel, one that she's been using frequently this past week until I finally found it. But Miss Belle, clearly no quitter, went to work this afternoon on a new one, and this time she made the mistake of working on it in view of the back door, so that when I went to check on the dogs, there she was, on her belly in the dirt, scraping a new hole under a section of the fencing right in front of me.

As I actually caught her in the act, a correction was applied this time. She obviously felt the chastisement because she went right after Murphy to tune him up for something real or imagined. I guess nothing makes you feel good after getting punished like punishing someone else.

Darn dogs. We'll see if this scolding sticks. I doubt it though.


  1. Nope, it'll just make her more crafty... sigh

  2. Anonymous3:23 PM

    +1 Old NFO

  3. Hey Murphy;

    Tunnel "Harry" is in the works.....or you can build a cooler? complete with baseball glove and ball....

  4. Maybe Belle thought Murphy had tattled on her.

  5. I've dealt with escape artists in the past. My worst was a 95 lb yellow Lab who could find the tiniest hole and get through. I had a 6 ft chain link fence with a wire reinforcement at the bottom. I ended up "bathtubbing" the fence using either chicken wire or weld-wire fencing. I attached it at the bottom, bent it 90 deg. in, and then covered it with dirt. It worked fairly well.

  6. 2 words. Electric Fence.