Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New guns, old guns, feel all right.

It wasn't all just new guns and gear in Nashville. There was plenty of classic iron, too.

The Ruger Collectors were there, with plenty of single-actions.
Shades of Elmer Keith and Bill Jordan--they got .41 Magnums!
A Radom collector had dozens of old Polish military pistols made before and during the war.
And did someone say Luger? Here's a case full.
The Rock Island Auction company had some incredible weapons that they'll be selling soon. And yes, that's a 1903 with an extended "trench" magazine.
And there were companies making modern replicas of old west guns, like Dixie Gun Works here.
And a favorite of mine, Taylor's and Company, of Winchester, VA.
They'll be hosting an open house at their Winchester store, May 15th and 16th. See you there?
It was like Mecca for gun folks.


  1. Hey, I'll be in Quantico the May 16 weekend, visiting my son and my new granddaughter. Maybe I can talk him into driving over for a gun open house. Been reading your blog for years, would be nice to meet you in person some time.

    1. Jon,

      Shoot me an e-mail address where I can reach you and we'll see what we can see.

    2. Just looked at my flight itinerary, and I don't arrive at Dulles until 4:30 on the 16th, though. Was thinking it was the 15th for some reason.

  2. A straight-stocked Marlin 1894 paired with a SR Bisley, both in Jordan-Keith caliber, lovingly nourished with some of these...that's my idea of a dream team.

    1. You have excellent taste. I've been looking for an old Marlin in .41mag, but they are scarce and expensive, especially the old ones without the crossbolt safeties.

    2. Yeah, I'd like to find one, too. I have an 1894, but it's in the next smaller caliber. I was fortunate to acquire my Marlins before the CBS (C-BS?) was de ri·gueur.

      Of course, like you, I'd probably mope and explain to the seller that I'd really like to pay his very fair asking price if only it were in a normal chambering like .357 or .44 mag, but my dear heavens, what on earth would I possibly do with an oddball caliber like that? Although [sigh], I suppose if some appropriate financial allowances could be given, I could acquire some brass and reloading dies, on account of I'm such a nice guy. (Heh-heh).

      Sounds like a page from the ML playbook. ;-)

      Of course, the dream team wouldn't be lonely, as Chief Silver Red-Hawk would welcome them to the Tipi (where the RCBS .41 mag dies are already waiting...).