Thursday, April 16, 2015

"Ring, ring" goes the phone.

The call from my neighbor down the block and across the street is short and to the point.

"I think one of your German Shepherds is over at the cat guy's house."


Both dogs were out in the pen but I don't even bother going to look. Instead, I just open the kitchen door and yell for Belle. Sure enough, she comes trotting happily through the hedge about thirty seconds later.

I'd just been to the hardware store to get more fence posts to shore up the dog pen fencing again, and after bringing her back in the house, I fixed the one escape spot and found another that I hadn't even known about. Good thing that I bought extra fence posts. We'll see how long the pen holds her in THIS time

Germany's Atlantic Wall had nothing on this dog fence...but still she casually waltzes out whenever she pleases. The way that she busts that border fence, you'd think that she was part Chihuahua.

"Your sad, pathetic fence looks a little more formidable from the outside...but not much."


  1. At least it is a less expensive hobby, keeping her fenced in, than firearms.

  2. LOL, WSF gotcha there... :-)

  3. I'm guessing Festung Murphy needs a bit more work.

  4. Starting to look like you're going to need an 8' high block wall....

  5. Stockade. Start cutting timber.

  6. Anonymous9:24 AM

    +1 drjim

  7. Invisible Fence? (Not a comment on what Belle thinks of your fence, but a thought as to what to try next)

  8. "OK, so I haz a temporary setback...should be able to come up with a new plan in a couple of dayz..."

    - Belle

  9. I think you need to equip Murphy with a head camera so that maybe he can see how she escapes. Just a thought....