Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Suppressor finally arrives.

Man, this thing has been in process so long that I forgot when I even bought it. I know that The Miller and I both sent our paperwork into BATFE at the same time, and he got his suppressor a month before I did. Thanks, Big Government!
It's a Gemtech Mossad II. I got it slightly used--it was an unfired demo model that just shows a touch of handling wear--and I paid far less than the MSRP for it, but wow, did it take a long time to get here.
I got it for this critter:

Mounting is insanely simple. Just unscrew the barrel retaining nut and screw the suppressor on.

Looks pretty slick.
I test-fired a couple of rounds of standard 124gr. ball ammo but it's +P+ stuff so even though the report was reduced to "hearing safe" levels, there was still a significant sonic crack to it so I decided to suspend testing on my unofficial back yard test range until I can get some new 147gr. bullets in and load them up. Hodgdon's manual says that 3.6gr. of Titegroup should boost a 147gr. FMJ bullet to 929fps, plus or minus a bit. That ought to do me just fine, and Everglades Ammo has those bullets cheap in bulk. So stay tuned, and we'll see what this puppy'll do.


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  2. Very nice indeed.

  3. Awesome. Looks like great fun!

  4. Dood. I totally got a chub.
    Thanks for that.

  5. Very nice! It took me 7 months to get mine.