Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Down by the river.

Went down to the banks of the Shenandoah River this afternoon and stood by the water with Belle.

"Hey Belle, what's that out there?"
"It's a bird!
It's a plane!
It's a frog!"

"A frog?"

"Not bird, nor plane nor even frog..."
"It's just little old me...Murphy Dog"
"Aw, that's just silly! And you completely copped it from the old Underdog show."
For once, there was no rain and no clouds and the temperature and the humidity weren't off the charts. It just seemed like a nice day to take the dogs down to play in the water. As usual, Murphy was all about the fetching.
The water was like bathwater, and Murphy thoroughly enjoyed himself, swimming for about half an hour. But Belle...not so much.
Knee-deep was about her best, otherwise she just played on the bank next to me. But both had fun.

And then we went home, and as he often does, Murphy waited until I'd parked and was just getting ready to take them out to shake the rest of the water off of his fur all over the inside of my SUV.

Sigh. There's a reason that when I bought my new one, I kept the old one, just as a dog transport.


  1. As Mark Twain said: "There's nothing in the world friendlier than a wet dog"!

  2. Dog "im wet dont see any reason you should'nt be wet as well"any way you need a shower.

  3. Beautiful pups! I love it when they play and swim in the water. I used to have a lab who would swim against the current for the same place...exercising away. It was the funniest thing to watch. When he was done, he would float down stream and walk it all over again.

    1. I do that with the kayak...

  4. That's odd that Belle doesn't like the water...

  5. You have the coolest dogs...

  6. We have to keep two on-leash while the third fetches from the water or they'll drown one another trying to get to the toy first. I live watching dogs enjoying the water.

  7. I love, actually. Stupid iPad won't let me backspace. I think it's haunted.