Sunday, June 28, 2015

When your dogs get a text...

So I worked last night and got in late, with a short turn-around before heading back to work. I was really looking forward to catching some solid sleep during this downtime, and I would have too if not for a text from a certain person whom I won't out on this blog.

Oh, heck. It was Cathy. So there.

It was a simple and innocuous question really, wondering if I was going to be somewhere else to help out with something, and it was a question that I really had no problem answering then and there before drifting back off to sleep, but unfortunately for me, the phone's "You've got a text!" chirping was heard by Thing One and Thing Two, aka Murphy and Belle, and they decided right then and there that it was now time to get up and play.

End result: no more sleep for me, because by the time that I'd pushed them away half a dozen times and finally yelled at them to go away and go back to bed, I was now wide awake, and the last hour or so that I should have been able to sleep for just evaporated into wakefulness and bitter regret.

But at least the dogs had fun. For lack of anything better to do for that hour, I took them for a walk.

Lesson learned: Be extra sure that the ringer is turned off on the phone before bed when sleep-time is short and precious. And sleep far enough from the edge of the bed that a certain lady Shepherd cannot bat you in the face with a paw full of claws.


  1. "a certain lady Shepherd cannot bat you in the face with a paw full of claws."
    Not deliberate at all... Certainly not..... Absolutely nothing to do with escape-proofing the pen......
    Just a loving caress, that's all, a little enthusiastic maybe, but that's love!

    Pob Hwyl Belle!! Pob Hwyl Belle!!

    As an alternative early morning wake-up, try a Chihuahua & a German Spitz tag-team alternately bouncing & yapping/screeching because they can see daylight (4am) through the curtains, and hear our neighbour going to work.....
    I'll take our GSD tag-team in preference (20yrs ago, RiP), they only started to wake up if I was actually walking down the stairs calling them to the back door....

  2. All to frequently all I can do on one of your dog' life postings is just shake my head...this is one of those times...

  3. Yep, agree with SP....LOL

  4. Anonymous11:08 PM

    Agree with SP

  5. Fortunately for me, the Labradors know me not to be a morning person. They dump their paws on Pepper, knowing that he can be persuaded to wake and get up.