Thursday, July 09, 2015

Damn he's weird.

So yesterday, I'm running late for work. I just need to put the dogs out to tend to their "dog business" but we're in the middle of a torrential downpour, and every time I open the door leading out to their run, they both just stand there and look at me like "yeah, right!" Not gonna happen.

Experience has shown that, while I can force them out the door, they'll basically just shelter on the porch under the overhang and no business will get done.

Now the dogs need to go, whether they understand this or not, so I'm forced to call up Proud Hillbilly, who lives just down the way, and ask her if she'll stop over after the rain and let them out proper. She graciously agrees, so I leave.

A while later, post-rain, I get this text from her that says: "I don't think I've seen a dog walk on tip toes to keep from getting feet wet before, but Murphy did it."

Sigh. While Belle will go out and play in the puddles or even drizzling rain, Murphy, the most aggressive German Shepherd that I've ever had, is the world's biggest priss when it comes to rain or even wet ground. If there is visible water on the dirt in his pen, he's gotta try to dance or skip past it like it's scalding, and if I put him out after the rain and a drop falls from the branches above on him, he'll turn and run right back inside and refuse to go back out.

Yet if I take him down by any river or pond, this is him:

He'l dive in and swim anywhere, but a few drops of rain or a puddle on the ground will prevent him from going outside or send him bolting for the house if he's already out.

I really do not get this dog sometimes.


  1. He's a control freak... When HE wants to get wet, he will... :-)

  2. He's like me. He likes to swim but he doesn't like getting wet and muddy in the rain.

    I gave an old lady a ride to the vet in the next county this past week. She had a German Shepard. She said it was from Germany, and she talked to it in German. The damn dog liked to pull my arm off, it was so strong. I would say "no" and get ignored, and she would say "nein" and the dog would stop. I didn't understand the other commands. The vet said she had another Deutsche Shepard that came in. This dog was thinner and taller than what I think of as a German Shepard.

    1. Dutchies are neat dogs. higher drive than GSDs, i believe.

  3. Maybe Murphy's paw pads are sensitive...

  4. Anonymous12:55 AM

    +1 Old NFO

  5. Yep. Old NFO takes it.
    and dogs be weird...


  6. My shihtzu tau was that way, but the Labs have never met the raindrops, or mud puddles, that they didn't love.