Friday, September 18, 2015

It's that time of year again.

September 18th. My Mom's birthday.

Every year I ponder over what to do for her special day. I used to send her gift cards, but then she's always drive to the mall to buy something, and that never really worked out well.

Mom at the mall, 2014

Mom at the mall, 2013

Mom at the mall, 2012

Mom at the mall, 2011

Sadly, she's been doing this sort of thing for a while now. Here's a picture of her first day behind the wheel in High school Driver's ed.

One year, trying to set a new tone, we chipped in and bought her a day cruise, figuring how could she ever have a problem on a boat?

Yeah, that's my Mom all right...nothing if not consistent.

But at least she shoots well with a 1911. And she does it while rocking a pair of pink fuzzy slippers.

Happy Birthday, Mom...and a birthday kiss for you.


  1. Those are hilarious... Hope your mom has a great B-day and many more celebrations of that 29th :-)

  2. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree comes to mind.

  3. I hope your mom has had a great birthday.

  4. Hope she had a great day!

  5. So THAT'S where you learned to drive!

  6. Anonymous12:41 AM

    Happy Birthday

  7. Happy Belated Brithday to you Mom!