Saturday, September 26, 2015

Well that sucks...

I'd made my plans for the evening after checking for room rates around here and finding nothing cheap except a motel that actually smelled like curry through the phone. And even they wanted $89.00! So I decided to fly to Montauk Point, just 16nm across Long Island Sound, tie the plane down, then grab my sleeping bag and go sleep on the beach. It seemed a solid plan, and I had just enough evening light to get there and stowed.

Then on me departure from Runway 05 at Groton, my propeller crossed paths with a Canadian Goose. A fucking bird strike!

The goose fared worse than I or my plane. Decease bird but no damage to the aircraft beyond a huge mess on the windscreen. But now the cleaning and the required airport report have wiped out my daylight flying window. So I guess as soon as this report's done, I'm off to the House of Patel.


They'd better at least have or be close to a bar filled with hot gals with low standards.


  1. Shot down by the Canadian Air Force.

  2. Sorry to hear that. I've seen some pretty bad damage from a goose, including a couple of fatals so I'm glad you fared as well as you did.

  3. Hey Murphy,

    I saw what a Canadian goose did to an MD-88 aircraft. You got lucky actually. The airplane was grounded for 2 weeks getting re skinned above the F.O seat.
    I thought of this when I read your story.

  4. Just cut and paste the link in your address does work....

  5. Glad you're okay. And the airplane can be cleaned... But I'd get an A&P to check it out. Safe, not sorry...

  6. That does suck. Glad you and the plane are ok.

  7. Bird strikes are a big deal. That was already the subject of Monday's post, but this reinforces it. Glad you're ok.

  8. Yow! And cuisonarting it means it can't even be grilled....

  9. At least you are safe. Glad you are okay.

  10. So is a Canada Goose considered a "yielding medium" and did the contact slow the engine:,%20Propeller-Rotor%20Strike%20or%20Loss....pdf


    1. No, just caught him with the prop tip. No change in RPM and everything's ok.

  11. Anonymous8:30 AM

    I am glad to hear you or the plane are ok