Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Flying, flying...

So the morning after the bird strike, I left Groton, CT and winged my way out to sea. It was a beautiful morning as I flew out over the Connecticut coastline, heading out over the ocean.
(Click on the pics to enlarge if you want to see any detail at all.)

As I bid land good-bye and looked out over nothing but water to the horizon, I really hoped that the charts were right and there really was an island out there. Otherwise...next landfall = Europe and I'm pretty sure that I didn't have the gas for that trip.
Ah, there we go. I was hoping that was there. Block Island.

I landed at their little airport and promptly got directed clear of the local charter operation as the pilot seemed to think that I'd only landed there to park in his way or something.
Once shut sown, I wandered back past the still-waiting charter plane and and went in to grab breakfast at Bethany's Airport Diner, my real reason for coming way out here on this morning. I had the Full Throttle Breakfast, shown here.
Yeah, I'm really taking pictures of food now. Sorry!

Then it was back in the air and off to the northeast. Apologies to the blog readr who lives on the island...wish I'd known in advance that you were there. Next time, maybe? I WILL be back.
Little island houses.

Downtown New Shoreham, east side if the island. Note the ferry below. My flight is much faster and probably cheaper.

Back out over the water again. And why is it that if there is ONE FREAKING CLOUD in the sky, it will always be in my way?
Land Ho!
The Rhode Island coastline below.
Narragansett, RI, off to the right.
And here's a cruise ship in Narrangansett Bay. Fort Adams is just visible to the lower left.

Touchdown, Newport State, and a day out with this guy:

Some days just work the way that all days should.


  1. Looks like Tons 'O Fun!

    I remember flying out to DSM, which was my first cross-country, for lunch.

    We used to call it "The $100 Hamburger".....

  2. Gads, I had a lot of time in the past over that area. Thanks for the walk down Memory Lane.

  3. That looks like it was a GOOD day. And the Full Throttle breakfast is totally not on my diet. (grumble, grumble)

  4. Some of those photos look like Peyton Place https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHFJTMaao0w

  5. Sweet photos Murph!

  6. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Amazing pictures