Saturday, October 10, 2015

My new .45 is here.

It was a birthday present to me this year, bought and paid for several months ago. It's finally here.

Because what's better than a pistol that shoots 8 rounds of .45ACP?

A submachine gun that shoots 50 rounds of .45ACP.
Thompson Gun, Model 1928. Favorite of Prohibition-era gangsters, the US military, and pretty much anyone else who wanted to kill their enemies with style.
It's a West Hurley commercial gun, not a genuine Colt or Savage, but on the plus side, I can shoot the tar out of this one without worrying about damaging a collectible.
Being a 1928, it does take the drums. All I have for it is stick mags now though.

Shown with my 1911.
This one came out of an estate and was never fired by it's original owner. An actual unfired Thompson gun.

Well it's been fired now.

Of course, like many West Hurley Thompsons, this one seems to have a couple of minor issues. Or maybe it just doesn't like my reloads. But I hope to have it squared away before the blogshoot on October 24, and it'll be there if I do. So if you're coming--and I hope that you are--bring a box or two of .45 FMJ.

Cue the theme song:


  1. Replies
    1. Just wait until our next range trip. It'll be there.

  2. A real live "Chicago Typewriter"!

    I'm positively green with envy....


    Expensive fun but its worth it!

  4. There's guys who can make the twenties roar again. Taylor Pickerell comes to mind. A company called Gunmachines used to specialize in these, but I don't know if they still exist. A great gun to shoot. There was a shop in E STROUDSBURG that supposedly had the St Valentines Thompsons. Miller's had a display of tons of old Colts. The story was he traded CPD a bunch of new MP-5 s for those old obsolete Thompsons sitting in their armory. West Hurley guns usually run 14 to 18k. Good luck!

  5. "hehehehehehehehe" ( akin to Homer Simpson having a food orgasm)

    One of my fantasy guns. Never have shot any - have held a few.
    Sounds like a great find and a great time!


  6. Anonymous9:37 PM

    +1 drjim

  7. Nice looking rifle there! :-)

  8. I hear John Thompson got some input from OldNFO on caliber. OldNFO told him to make it in .45acp.

  9. I shot one at jackrabbits out in West Texas thirty years ago. No jackrabbits were harmed ;-)