Sunday, January 24, 2016

Storm's over.

Now we all just have to deal with 36" to 40" of snow. And many of us here are a mile and change off of a main paved road.

Do, do, do, looking out my back door.
And that's the lee side of the house.

Front, looking up the drive.

The drive.

The primary SUV is pretty much buried until spring.
The black thing sticking out near the "bottom" of the pile? That's the drivers' side mirror.

But there's another pile down by the road.
It's the other SUV--the old dependable "Dog Hauler".
Dug out now. And yeah, the snow is up to the hood. But now after two shovel excursions out this morning, it's free and there is a path for it carved down to where the road used to be. Waiting on the state now, and their heavy equipment. Regular plow trucks ain't getting up here any time soon.

So how you doin'?


  1. 72 degrees and fair sky in the Los Angeles Suburbs. Going to BBQ for the Patriots/Broncos game. A little envious of the snow, but we can visit snow if the yearning grows too strong.

  2. I know the deep snow is a pain ("global warming"!); all we're doing is picking up the things that fell during the early-a.m. quake.

    1. I saw that. Holy 1964, Batman!

  3. 8"-10" here in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. We got lucky; a bit further north and east and we'd have been hammered too. Hundreds were stranded on the PA Turnpike yesterday, and my old home base of Philadelphia got somewhere in the neighborhood of 30". And most of the Jersey Shore is underwater too. Sandy 2.0, they're calling it.

  4. Is it true that W.V. is one of the State's that wait's until it has completely stopped snowing before initiating any road clearing?

  5. You must not have had much wind, Murph. I've never seen snow pile up so symmetrically on a vehicle!

  6. Cheops in your driveway.

  7. driveway's clear, sidewalks are clear, but the street won't be clear unless we do it. we're in the no-man's-land on the city-county line, and neither wants to take responsibility for our block.

    so that's tomorrow's job.

  8. Anonymous5:48 PM

    In my corner of Indiana its 44 and most of the snow is gone.