Friday, February 12, 2016

How Gun Laws are Really Enforced Against Criminals (Democrat edition)

In Detroit, home of all things Democrat, we have State Senator Virgil Smith finally getting his comeuppance....well sort of.

Smith, for those of you who don't recall, is the long-time Democrat politician from Detroit who, when confronted by his ex-wife regarding a naked woman that she found in his house when she stopped by shortly after the divorce, chose to beat her with his fists, chase her out of the house with an AR-15 rifle, fire several shots at her, and then fire several more into her brand new Mercedes.

Cop report: Naked Smith fought ex-wife before shooting

Felony city, right?

Ironically, Smith has been a solid anti-gun vote as long as he's been in Michigan politics, including past votes to deny citizens the right to carry concealed and own "assault rifles" like the AR-15 that he used to shoot at his ex-wife.

Well he got a sweetheart plea deal from the Wayne County Prosecutor's office, basically dropping almost every felony charge against him in return for a single count of Malicious Destruction of Property. Dismissed were the following felony charges:
1. Domestic Violence
2. Assault and Battery
3. Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Felony.

All of those were much more serious than the piddling property crime, but hey--if you're a Dem politician in a Dem city and your father is a Dem judge, you're not going to get hammered even if you try to kill a woman. His sentence is merely that he gets ten months in jail, has to resign from the State Senate, and produce the rifle he used or fess up to where it is. That's right--he didn't even surrender the rifle to police that night. Nope. He hid it before they got there, and only now is the court ordering him to "surrender it or tell the court where it is".

Heck, had you or I fired a rifle at someone, the police would have busted right into our house to locate that rifle and destroyed the place looking for it. But in Smith's case, they just shrugged and left, apparently. Must be freaking nice.

And it's not like Smith had anything like a clean record. He had two prior DUI convictions, and should have had a third one--which would have been a felony in Michigan--but the case was conveniently screwed up and dismissed. Still, that arrest, even without conviction, could have and should have been taken into consideration before offering the plea and at sentencing. Apparently it was not. Because "bipolar" or something.

And the Democrats wonder why we don't want them passing more gun laws. Hell. They don't even enforce the ones on the books least not when a fellow Democrat breaks them.


  1. This post might prepare you for your return to New Orleans where they arrest racist statues.

  2. But if they pass more gun laws that they don't enforce it looks like they are doing something and makes people feel good. That's all that's necessary in libville.

  3. "The Hillary Effect"
    (see Teflon Bill)


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    +1 Guffaw in AZ