Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cell phone gun...yeah, this can't go bad.

So now in the race to see who can market the most inappropriate gun-related product, we have this .380 that was made to resemble a cell phone:

Gun that looks like iPhone invented by U.S. company

This is one of those things that makes me shake my head and scream "For the love of God, WHY?!"

According to the inventor, it's main purpose is to get around "no carry" zones and places where people looked at him like a retard for open-carrying. How about, instead of doing that, we just boycott those places that refuse to allow carry and show a little basic discretion about how we carry? I mean, seriously, is there really a good reason to walk around downtown with a .45LC revolver on your hip in plain view, other than just because it's legal? That's the sort of juvenile behavior that has been described by more noteworthy gun bloggers as "carrying a gun at people".
Or to put it more succinctly, if you don't want people looking at you like you're a cretin, don't act like a cretin. And if open carry of a firearm is out of place in a particular venue, either don't carry there or just get your concealed carry permit and conceal the damned thing.

I swear, every time I see some clown pushing the envelope and trying to cause a public gun-related scene just to get his or her fifteen minutes of fame--like the ones demanding that the GOP convention allow open carry--I have to echo the sentiments of that great sage, Pogo.

(BTW, if you read the article I just linked about carry at the GOP convention, you'll see that the guy who started that whole mess with his petition is a Democrat just trying to cause dissention for both Republicans and gun owners. if you took his bait and signed or spread his petition thinking that you were somehow helping the pro-gun movement, great job.)

Bottom line: we as responsible, normal, non-psychotic gun owners don't do ourselves any favors when we constantly push our guns in other people's faces or engage in moronic publicity stunts designed to generate mainly negative attention from the non-gun public out there. There's very little "need" for a deep-concealable derringer of this sort unless you're trying to bypass security measures, and that's not the image that we need to present, especially in public.

As for the thought that real criminals will use guns like this to arm themselves in secure areas, I'll just leave you with this semi-related story from today's news:

Woman Claiming ‘Faith Is My ID’ Bypassed Security, Boarded Delta Plane in Nashville

Go TSA. Does anybody think that the majority of the Thousands Standing Around at our airports are going to spot a cellphone gun like this in the pocket of tomorrow's 9/11 hijackers? I mean, they can't even stop a woman from just walking onto a freaking plane right in front of them.

Next time I need to fly somewhere, I'm driving.


  1. Sigh...

    "Teh Stoopid" gets stronger every day.

  2. Regarding the petition: The USSS will not allow anybody who is not working the detail to carry inside any venue they're protecting. This includes off-duty police. The reason is simple and obvious: If something happens, they want to know all the good guys so they don't mistakenly shoot one. So, if you're not on that particular job, you don't carry. I thought everyone knew that.

  3. I highlighted this gun at my place today for different reasons. I hope they sell a million of them, but I'm not in the market. I've got my carry guns.

    Let Freedom Ring.

  4. Yeah, she was whacko, but really, the "Show your papers" bit is just security theater, really. Part of training you to be compliant.

  5. If I can get there in ten hours by driving, I drive. If it'll require an overnight stop, then I'll reluctantly subject myself to the TSA.

    Because, if I have to fly a hub-and-spoke system to get where I want to go, between getting to the airport, going through security, waiting for the flight, changing planes and then traveling from the destination airport to where I wanted to go, it's a ten-hour trip anyway.