Sunday, March 27, 2016


I found an old bottle of Cephlex as I was unpacking today, and suspecting that my problem might be an infection secondary to the mass of blistering I had last week courtesy of all of the heavy lifting, I took a couple. Within an hour, the pain had lessened, and a few hours afterwards, I'm walking without crutches and just took the dogs on a walk around the block. Eff yeah!

I don't have a full course of the drug, but I have enough to get me through a couple of days, plenty of time to get myself into an urgent care here and get a new scrip for the full amount.

That stuff's a wonder drug, and because of it, I'll be fully operational again in a day or so.

Yay. And Happy Easter indeed!


  1. That's great stuff, and good to hear it's working.

    Heal fast!

  2. I hope the day brings comfort and healing.

  3. See? We were praying for "quick healing" and He delivered! Yay!

  4. The stuff won't unpack itself, but I suspect it'll still be there when you are better! And the dogs probably aren't any help. :-)
    Take care of yourself!


  5. Good news! I've been AWOL for awhile, but I assume that, since you've already injured yourself, you must be settling in! Keep getting better!

  6. That's great news! You don't need the down time starting a new job!

  7. Anonymous1:57 AM

    Great news