Monday, April 25, 2016

State Elections Have National Consequences

Back in 2013, A significant number of Conservative/Republican voters in Virginia either stayed home and did not vote in that state's gubernatorial elections, or else they showed up at the polls and pissed their votes away on Robert Sarvis, the Libertarian candidate who was in large part financed by the Democrats and intended to be a siphon to take votes away from Republican candidate Kenneth Cuccinelli, a stanch conservative who was rock solid on gun rights. The result was that Terry McAuliffe, a long-time Democrat Party hack known as much for scandal and corruption allegations as he is for being a Clinton loyalist, won the day with a majority smaller than the number of votes given to the "Libertarian" spoiler candidate. The result: McAuliffe, the guy who owes his DNC Chairmanship his election to the highest office in Virginia to the Clintons, runs that critical red/blue swing state going into the 2016 elections. And he's just repaid those favors tenfold by making a move to boost Hillary's chances of securing Virginia's electoral votes in November.

Virginia governor enables 200,000 felons to vote in November

Yep. 206,000 convicted armed robbers, drug dealers, rapists, burglars, car-jackers and other "core Democrat voters" will now be able to vote in November. 206,000 votes would certainly be enough to toss the state to Hillary, but even if we assign these slugs citizens the same turn-out that normal law-abiding people have--roughly 50%--that's still a hundred thousand votes cast. Heck, if only 25% turn out, that's 50,000 votes, and most all of them will likely fall Hillary Clinton's way, because everyone knows that Democrats steal money from everyone who earns it and an armed robber is really just a Democrat in a hurry.

Elections. They matter. McAuliffe should have been stopped in 2013, and because he wasn't, it's now going to be that much harder for every taxpaying, law-abiding conservative voter in VA to be heard on the next election day now that 200,000 felons will be able to cancel out their votes.

Say what you will about the Democrats, but they are consistent. Every time that they find their policies to be out of favor with the majority of mainstream America, they don't change to reflect the will of the people. Rather, they just go out and find new blocs of voters (illegal newly-legalized immigrants, convicted felons, etc.,) who will tilt things back their way.


  1. That voter registration drive will be interesting. Also will be curious to see how many actually vote, given that those locked up will have to absentee vote...there are few voting machines inside prisons. As an aside, I have always wondered what would happen if the occupants of a large prison, given the franchise like this, decided to alter the election results in a county election for, say Sheriff or DA....

  2. Same thing happened in Louisiana last election and we wound up with at "D" governor in a blood red state. I voted in that election, but I didn't vote in the governror's race. The "R" candidate was an ethical and moral sleazebag and I couldn't vote for him. Could not pull the lever without a gag reflex kicking in.

    The Democrats don't have that problem. About 40+% of Louisiana is Dem, and they'd vote for a Dalmation if he had "D" behind his name. So, we've got a "D" governor, huge tax hikes and associated Dem-ishness. For that I fault Roger Villere, the head of the Repub party here in Louisiana. He should have known that the good people of Louisiana would not vote for a sleazebag and done everything in his power to keep the R from behind his name.