Thursday, April 14, 2016

We are often judged by the caliber of our enemies.

Not a Trump fan here, but almost willing to support him just to stick my finger in the eye of the intolerant and fascistic left-wing haters, from Hollywood on down, who hate him so much that they try to suppress and censor him even at his own events, and failing that, attack those who show an interest in hearing him or even attacking the police officers tasked with protecting the listeners and protesters alike.

3 Arrested, 4 Officers Injured During Clash Outside Trump Rally

According to the criminal complaint, several officers were working a “skirmish line” between Trump supporters and “anarchist members in masks” and protesters. At one point, the anarchists/protesters began using pepper spray on the officers while trying to get to the Trump supporters.

At least two officers were pepper-sprayed. One of those officers was also allegedly kicked in the back of the knees by Kennon Hooper, 31, of West Oakland. The officer fell to the ground and was kicked once more by Hooper.

Hooper resisted arrest, but was forcibly handcuffed.

A female protester jumped on the back of an officer while they were trying to arrest Hooper. That woman has been identified as Lisa Cuyler, 27, of Polish Hill, and she was detained without incident.

While that was happening, a man wearing a black mask and black hat grabbed the protective vest of a police sergeant and attempted to fight him. A female officer attempted to take the man into custody, but he resisted. Both fell to the ground and the officer suffered a cut to her hand and an injury to her shoulder. The suspect was eventually taken into custody and has been identified as Maxwell Yearick, 29, of Perry South.

All three suspects were taken to the Allegheny County Jail.

Hooper and Yearick are facing charges of riot, aggravated assault and resisting arrest.

Cuyler is being charged with riot and aggravated assault.

Glad that the officers are ok, but my personal opinion--and only my personal opinion--is that these three should have been driven into some secluded alleyway after their arrest and been turned up rightfully and properly before being taken in for booking. Brutality? maybe. But the fact is, these three are the sort of savages that see nothing wrong with attacking anyone, including the police, and the only thing that this sort respects if fear and pain and the concept of immediate and assured retribution. They don't worry about court, because some leftist lawyers that support their cause like the scumbags at the National Lawyers Guild who attend all of these protests for just such an incident) will be there to represent them for free, and likely as not, some liberal judge will decline to send them to jail. If there's a fine, their moms and dads will write the check or some liberal benefactor will quietly pay it...there's no cost to being an anarchist attacker unless the police return to the old days and get medieval on them with sticks and boots. Shocking in today's times, but it was routinely done before liberals grabbed control of our nation, and darned if people didn't think twice about hitting a cop back in those days. Guaranteed consequences actually work to prevent bad people from doing bad things and the result back then was a more orderly society with greater safety and liberty for everyone else other than the few incorrigible knuckleheads who needed to learn the hard way to respect other people.

And pepper-spraying a police officer? That's actually grounds for getting shot, even today. These over-coddled trust-fund kids are really lucky that Pittsburgh's finest were so restrained.

Added note: Looks like Kennon Hooper has been arrested before, for train hopping in Florida. Sounds like he's a lifestyle gutterpunk and his presence at this rally makes one wonder if he was paid to be there and act up, and if so, by whom.


  1. They were probably paid to be there. It's well known that many leftist protesters are paid a pittance to cover their time. Otherwise they wouldn't show up. Follow the money and charge everyone involved with racketeering.

  2. I'm to that point, too. Unfortunately, it's not just in defiance of the liberals who are proving me correct when I say that liberals despise diversity, but in defiance of the elite professional politicians. This election is becoming less about which particular person wins and more about who makes that decision.

    And when they say there will be blood in the streets I hope LE makes sure it isn't theirs.

  3. Paid, without a doubt...

  4. Little bastards needed a load of 00 buck fired back at them when they sprayed the cops.....

  5. Anonymous6:06 AM

    The "protesters" were fortunate it was the cops they chose to assault; the cops were there in sufficient numbers to be mutually supporting, and with "societal oversight" what it is today, had to exercise restraint, defined as "minimum force necessary to affect an arrest."

    Were they to try those tricks against Joe or Jane Citizen they might find "maximum force in shortest time" to avoid injury the rule of the day. At which point there would be no need for a "back alley tune-up," even for the survivors.

  6. I've participated in exactly two protests in my life. Why not more?
    And couldn't afford to miss class or take time off.
    And assaulting a police officer? Not in my world.


    1. One does wonder how one goes about being a professional protester. I never had enough leave during my career to spend the amount of time some of these folks do just marching around and getting into trouble.

    2. One does wonder how one goes about being a professional protester. I never had enough leave during my career to spend the amount of time some of these folks do just marching around and getting into trouble.

  7. THe correct term is "Tuned Up" not "Turned".

    and a question: "And pepper-spraying a police officer? That's actually grounds for getting shot, even today." If this is so, then can I use deadly force to protect myself against a police officer in a truly peaceful protest of he whips out a can of pepper spray? Or are there double standards for police occiferz?

    1. Typo on my part. Ah well. And if a police officer is in fear of bring disarmed by an incapacitating substance like pepper spray, he/she can use deadly force to prevent that. You as a citizen being sprayed by the police? That's a different fact pattern, so no, not a double standard at all. But hey--if you think that you can convince twelve jurors that you reasonably feared that the officer was attempting to disarm you unlawfully and you further reasonably feared that the officer was going to kill or seriously injure you, hey--you give that a try.

    2. sorta makes sense. If the cop can prove that he had reason to be in fear for his/her life, then I will buy that difference.

  8. Anonymous9:00 PM

    I say a good ass kicking is in order.
    My two cents sat George Soros is the money man

  9. The people paying for the scum to show up want the scum to be beaten, shot and suppressed forcibly for propaganda purposes. I am against giving them what they want so I applaud the police for being so restrained.