Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Green-Eyed Monster Strikes Again.

Belle has always been a little heavy on the possessiveness side when it comes to me, and I saw this again with a trip to the local dog park. While the dogs were released to road and play, I spotted a neighbor there--a young lady--sitting against the fence in a shaded spot. I went over and said hi and sat down next to her, and almost immediately, Belle came over and stepped in between us, then turned around and made herself a space to lie down between us by leaning up against this young lady and shoving her back until there was room for Belle to lie down facing me.

Whole park to play or lie down in, but Belle had to shoe-horn herself in between me and this young lady like a furry barrier wall as if to send her a message saying: "Don't even think about it...he's MY human!"

K9 jealously...who'd have thought?

"Pay attention, ladies...he's mine. Now scram."


  1. She's a lady...enough said.

  2. Hahaha...that's cute.

  3. Dogs are excellent judges of character. I'd proceed cautiously in any interactions with the young lady. Just sayin'.

  4. Gotta mess with your 'social' life.


  5. Hell has no fury like a green eyed monster in the form of a female German Shepard

  6. My personal experience & observation has revealed that a dog's ability to assess people is far superior to a human's ability...Perhaps you'll remember that & Belle’s behaviour when considering chatting up that lady in the future.