Friday, August 05, 2016

Nobody said nothing about no tornadoes!!

Yesterday New Orleans was graced by a tornado touchdown.

In the 7th Ward. (Not Treme, like the papers are saying.)

It touched down a block from my new house, and did quite a bit of damage.

Tornado touches down in New Orleans, National Weather Service confirms

I was at work when it happened, but the dogs were home when the tornado tore a fair bit of my roof off. Fortunately they were not injured, and the damage could have been worse. Other homes nearby got it worse.

Power just came back on a few minutes ago. It was a long, hot non-air-conditioned night for a lot of folks. But most people on my street banded together to clean up debris and help each other board up smashed windows. Now it's morning, and I have to head in to work to start a damage assessment there and get that place up and running safely, and once that's done, I can come home and start trying to get my place fixed.



  1. Make absolutely sure the Roofer is properly licensed, bonded, insured and the rest. Company with long standing roots in the area will be more expensive, but they will probably do a better job and guarantee it.
    LOTS of scam artists in the Roof Fixing industry. If needed be, tarp the damage till you get a good company to work on your roof.

  2. We're glad you, Murph & Belle are okay. The rest, while a pain to repair, is just stuff.

  3. So glad you and the pups are safe!

  4. Wow, glad you and the pups are okay!

  5. Wowza. Wasn't expecting to hear that. Good to know you and the dogs are good. Good luck on the repair.

  6. Damn! Glad that you, Murphy, and Belle weathered the storm!

    (Tornadoes in the Big Easy? Who knew?)

  7. Just one of the many joys of living the Garlic City metroplex. It doesn't happen often, but it happens.

    Glad you're okay.

  8. glad you and the pups are OK

  9. Yeesh. As if hurricanes and BLM folks aren't bad enough.

  10. Must have been a fright for the dogs. Glad that all three of you are ok.

  11. Yikes! Thought of y'all when I saw the news. Glad you & the dogs are safe & the house can be repaired!

  12. If you really want to consider calamity, consider what's going to happen to NOLA and BRLA when the mighty Mississippi finally decides to go walkabout and turns right at Old River to finally go down the Atchafalaya.

    So far the Corps of Engineers has kept it contained, but one of these days, in a perfect storm of floods coming down and hurricane coming in, the river will show the Corps who really determines a river's course.

    1. Oh I know. We'll be the city that sits on the world's biggest trash-filled ditch.

  13. Anonymous3:42 PM

    It is good to her Belle and Murph are ok

  14. Hey Murphy;

    Glad that Murphy and Belle are doing well and your house wasn't tore up too much. I was pleased that your neighborhood banded together and helped each other out.