Saturday, September 17, 2016

From the "People never to take a class from" file.

I apologize for not posting about this six months ago when it happened, but I'd not heard about it somehow.

Tactical Response BANNED After Instructor Negligently Discharges Into Student’s Truck

There's a lot wrong here, starting with an instructor throwing his students' guns on the ground and stomping on them just to mess up their finishes. I think had James Yeager or one of his toadies thrown my H&K P7M13 on the ground and done this, or one of my 1911s, or even one of my Glocks, we'd both be going to the nearest hospital--him to get a prosthetic foot out of his ass and me to get my foot back.

But geez...the 'tard takes it to the extreme and does it with LOADED guns?

I was going to let it pass, but then I remembered this bit from the movie "The 'burbs", and it fit too well.

Tactical Response. Teaching Bruce Dern to handle rifles on roofs since 2014 or so...


  1. I have never been in a situation in my life where some mutant threw a firearm of mine (or one that I was responsible for in the service) onto the ground like that.

    I seriously don't know anyone with ballz that big, but they may be out there. I simply don't move in those circles.

  2. Wow, that's all sorts of weapons-grade stupid right there. Multiple safety rules broken just for an instructor to engage in idiotic and unnecessary messing around with students' guns for no valid reason whatsoever. Yeah, I don't think Tactical Response is going to be on my 'Must take a class with" list.

  3. Cripes A Mighty....

  4. Let's just say that James Yeager is a wee bit verbally outspoken and controversial. A little time spent doing fact checks and internet searches on training schools and instructors is always prudent.

    1. Now as to who the instructor was who threw down students guns and shot a students car. Well I don't know who that one was but Tactical Response does list instructor bios.

  5. Seriously? This really happened?

    I'd do much the same, but I'd let him keep my boot.

    Isn't there some Texas saying about "stomp him into a mudhole and walk it dry"?