Monday, September 12, 2016

Hillary Health Humor.

Hillary Clinton had been having all sorts of health problems lately, so when she didn't show up at a big left-wing fund-raiser, her handlers got worries and went out looking for her. A few miles down the road, out in what Hillary always called "fly-over country", they found her car in a ditch but no sign of her. Looking around a bit farther, they came upon a farmer who was just smoothing the dirt out over a recently filled-in hole. They asked him if he'd seen Hillary Clinton.

"Yep," he replied, spitting a stream of tobacco on the ground. "She crashed her car back there a couple of hours or so ago"

They anxiously asked him if he knew where she's gone.

"Ain't gone nowhere," the farmer replied. "I just finished burying her right here. He patted the dirt where he'd been shoveling. "I wanted to get her in the ground before the smell got too bad."

Her handlers were shocked. "You mean she was dead?"

The farmer spit another stream of tobacco. "Well, she kept saying that she wasn't, but she's such a liar, who can believe her?"


  1. Yup. And she's going to kill herself trying to be president but her staff will keep her tradition going by lying about her being dead. As it is the video from yesterday looks like a scene from "Weekend At Bernies."

  2. Oh, a friend refered to her as the first shovel ready candidate...

  3. Throw out your dead........throw out your dead......

  4. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Will we see a movie A weekend at Chelsea's?