Sunday, October 02, 2016

My Father's Gun

Four years. Has it only been four years since he left? It seems like forever. So much has happened in my life that he wasn't here to see. So many things that we never got to.

Well yesterday I took some time to take this old Ithaca Model 37 out to the range for some trap shooting.
It was the one that I bought him so long ago back when we had plans to go out hunting together.

It was an old Sheriff's Dept. trade-in that I found, and I put a 28" field barrel on it for him. But the trips never really happened. We were both busy back then, and moving in different directions, and the hunting trips never happened like we'd planned. We'd gone trap shooting a few times, but that was about it.

Four years ago today, this old gun became mine again. I wish it hadn't, but...

Yesterday, in his memory, I took it out to the range and busted some clays with it.

I didn't get 'em all, because I'm out of practice and I was never that good to begin with, but I got enough that I think he'd have been impressed. Maybe even proud.

Miss ya, Pop. Wish you were here.


  1. Nice tribute. The 37 is my favorite of all the pump shotguns.

  2. My dad's been gone 28 years and it doesn't hurt any less.

  3. I sure miss my 37.
    Sorry about your father.


  4. Speaking as a father, I am pretty darned sure your dad would have been proud of you with the 37 and probably was proud of you all along. I was never close to own father after he and my mom divorced when I was 8. So, I made darned sure to do things with my son but like you I know there are too many things left undone. I have to thank you for that post, it may not have been your intention but it is a heartfelt reminder for me to get more of them done with my son.

    All the best,
    Glenn B

  5. And, I should add, with my daughter.

  6. Every time you handle that gun, your Dad is there with you.....

  7. 18 years for Dad, 9 for Mom. Despite it being the natural order of things, we are never ready to be orphans.

  8. Remember the good times...

  9. Some of the guys I used to pheasant hunt with used 37s. Another solid concept from the world's most talented gun designer.

    I felt a similar bond when I took my late Grandfather's Elsie afield.

  10. My first shotgun was a Model 37. Sold it to my cousin and then it was stolen. I love the originals with the unique slide. Hang on to it.