Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Election cliffhanger

So we'll see what we'll see.

For Hillary Clinton to win, she just has to beat Donald Trump.

For Donald Trump to win, he just has to beat Hillary Clinton...and Barack Obama...and the media...and the GOP...and all those retarded SJWs on the internet.

We'll see what we'll see.

By the way, anyone but me notice that out of the massive number of media outlets that told us time and time again that "Donald Trump raped a 13 year old in 1994" and reminded us over and over again how a trial date was coming up in that case right after the election, very, very few are now reporting what most of us knew all along: that it was totally made up with the express purpose of stopping Trump from getting elected. And even that publication--the London Daily Mail, which has been totally in the Hillary camp for months--has moved that story off it's front page.

How can anyone expect to win against the unlimited funds and ceaseless lies of the Left? Even if Trump wasn't his own worst enemy (and he most certainly is), when the powers of evil come together like they have here, and the low-information voters go to the polls in record numbers, as it appears that they are, if Trump can pull this off by even one electoral vote, it will truly be a mandate of epic proportion.

We'll see what we'll see.

I miss the days when smart people ran and smart people voted for them based on what they had done or promised to do instead of what they said about their opponent. Can you imagine Nixon and Kennedy behaving as these two have? Or Eisenhower? Or Ronald Reagan? What happened to my country that people put candidates like these two on the ballot to run everything? 314 million people in America, and the best everyone could come up with is these two.

I'm going to go clean some guns now.


  1. Might just be the time I finally set up my RCBS equipment.....

    1. Just retired my RCBS. Based on the upcoming Hillary Apocalypse, I bought a Dillon outfit.

  2. Any woman who votes for Hillary because she has a uterus and boobs is a walking confirmation of the argument against women voting. They are a disgrace.

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  4. Thank you for your comment on the Daily Mail. I'm showing my age here but, once upon a time, it was a respectable newspaper. Now it's known as the Daily Kartrashian.
    On a serious note, best wishes to all of you who followed the Brexiters to take your country back. It'll be a long, nasty struggle but we WILL get there both here in the UK and over there in the USA.

  5. Heh. As I told a friend at work, when someone is accused of raping a child, what's the first thing that happens? They get carted off to the police station. If there's enough evidence to take it to trial, they show up in orange. Not "oh, its been 22 years, lets go ahead and put this on the docket AFTER the race for the most powerful office in the country is over". And I'm not a lawyer or anything, but would statute of limitations apply here?