Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Halloween parade

So all week-end, it's been Halloween insanity here, with everyone running around in costumes--some lame, some really good.
There were so many that whole streets were shut down and the crowds were so thick on Frenchmen Street that you could not move without elbowing through people.
But last night was the parade, and I went, but only because I know that some of you would want pictures. I do this for you.

I love this one, just for the attitude.

All that chaos and I still ran into my neighbors, Beth and Steve. (above)

The Joker here is one of my other friends, Robert. Again, I just ran into him there. This city is weird like that.
One of my favorite bartenders, Michelle. (Spoils Murphy and Belle, too.) Made a tactical error here. The movie Halloween was on the TV and there was a drinking game where every time Michael Meyers killed someone, everyone had to knock back a Fireball shot. Damn, but that guy had some anger issues, didn't he? Twenty minutes in there and I was down six shots. And I only stopped in to charge my phone!

Things were a bit of a blur for a bit after this.
Bourbon Street.

Another bar afterwards.

Mallory's got a puppy. Not sure which one's cuter.

Got home sometime between two and three. Staff meeting at work at nine. Coasted in right at nine with a 24oz. coffee with two espresso shots and sat at the table eating bite-sized Almond Joys for two hours, running purely on caffeine and sugar and hoping I got all the costume grease paint off my face. Meeting probably would have run longer but I noticed that I wasn't the only one running on reserve power at that table. Halloween is like a religion here, only more serious.

Meeting adjourned, it was back to my office to put the "In Conference" sign on my door and take a nap.

Love this city. It's gonna kill me, but I'll die fat, tired and happy.


  1. Boy. A tad different from the quiet dark as we drank beer and watched "The Lady in White" last night.

  2. That sounds like a blast - have been in times like that, but never resided in such a place. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. LOL, looks like the costumes were better than they were in 1970...

  4. So, who'd you masquerade as?

    1. Oh hell no. Classified State Secret. That means you've got to check Wikileaks because I'm sure it's in one of Hillary's private-server e-mails.

  5. Your stone ground corn meal (with recipes) should arrive tomorrow afternoon via UPS. Store it in gallon freezer bags in the freezer. Enjoy!

  6. I'm sure these were the PG rated pics.

    Warbirds this weekend at Lakefront Airport. Don't forget.

  7. Let the good times roll!