Saturday, November 05, 2016

Just Plane Cool

I got to KNEW this morning right when they opened. Had to get there early to get my pics before all the people who have been put n this earth specifically to get in front of whatever I want to take pictures of could show up.

Here's a nifty C-47.

And a T-6 Texan.

Bell P-63 King Cobra, one of just four left.

A P-40.

A Goodyear FG-1D. (WANT!!!)

A General Motors-built version of the Grumman F4F Wildcat known as an FM-2.

Supermarine Spitfire Mk9.

Can't have an airshow without a P-51 Mustang or three. (There were two here.)

Grumman TBM Avenger.

The B-17 that has been taunting me the last two days.

And Fifi, the B-29.

Yeah, this was gonna be a good day. No power in the 'verse could mess this day up. And these are just a prelude of pics to come.



  2. Hey Murphy;

    Dang, you have all the luck. I wonder if that P-63 is like the one I saw at an airshow a while back..I will look at my pics to see if it is the same one. The CAF was restoring one.

  3. Awesome pics and looks like it was a great show.

  4. The Chino, CA airport isn't far from my house and when I need a fix, I drive over to the CAF, and look at the eye candy.

  5. Chino has a CAF auxilliary?

    I thought it was Planes of Fame only, but then I haven't hung around there other than the air shows in quite a long time....

  6. 30 years ago, one of my neighbors had been a WWII P-38 pilot. He was a cool old guy, but his health wasn't good even then. But the stories ... oh, my.

  7. Well, you got the FM-2 (a GM-made F4F) right, but a Grumman Avenger is a TBF. A TBM was made by GM. "F" stands for "Grumman," "M" stands for "General Motors." Sheesh! These kids today!
    Sounds like you had fun.
    I feel your pain with the B-17 flying over your house. When I lived in Florida I had a B-17 and a B-24 fly in formation over my house for an entire weekend. I may never recover.

    1. Ach! You gt me there. That one is a TBM-3E to be exact--A General Motors product.

  8. The FM-2 was the best of the Wildcat variants and a great little warbird. It's simplicity at its best in a pure radial engine fighter.

  9. Starting your own Air Force? :-)

    1. Not a bad idea if I win the lottery. Only my planes will have live guns and working bomb racks.