Friday, December 16, 2016

They're still not over it.

I work in a building that houses federal offices. What is a standard in most every federal building, to include military offices? That's right--pictures of the President and Vice President right at the main public entrance.

Yesterday we had a fire drill. Everyone out, everyone back in. As we were all migrating back in, one of the special snowflake federal workers looked up at the pictures and exclaimed: "I just realized--they're going to put Donald Trump's picture right there, aren't they?"

Her equally aghast co-worker replied: "OMG! We'll have to see it every day for the next four years!"

Me being helpful, I piped up from behind them. "Don't forget Mike Pence. He'll be up there too."

And this is why I wind up eating lunch alone most days.

Screw 'em. The rest of us have had to look at B.O. and his idiot sidekick, "Shotgun Joe", all this time. But we're adults and we didn't cry about it.

And on that note, I heard from a pretty reliable source that up in DC, there were numerous federal employees who were "too distraught" to report to work after the election. But instead of making them report for duty or use their leave, many of them were allegedly given Admin Leave for a day or more, which means paid time off with no loss of personal leave time.


I can't wait for the grown-ups to take over on Jan 20th.


  1. It should be refreshing.

  2. Yeah, well, at least Uncle Joe was comic relief. I had more fun laughing at him than I should have. Mike Pence is a good man, competent and capable. In a kind of perverse way, I'm going to miss Joe Biden.

  3. Can't come soon enough! Sigh...

  4. A very good friend of mine works in the Federal building in downtown L.A.

    As you might imagine, the place is infested with liberal moonbats.

    He said he and another person are the only conservatives there, and as a result they are usually the only two at their lunch table.

    He confirmed that the whole place was 99.99% doom-and-gloom the day after the elections, and that he actually saw some people crying in the elevators.

  5. You, sir, are a cruel, cruel man.

  6. Good thing breathing is automatic because liberals would die otherwise - they've proved the last few weeks that 1) they are just as disgusting as I've come to believe and 2) it's a good thing breating is automatic because they're too dumb to do it on their own.

  7. Actually, the presidential pictures can be used to gather good intelligence. For example, when Nixon resigned how do you think all those pictures of Ford appeared overnight? They had to have been printed by the thousands and then distributed for GSA employees to hang. Someone knew several days before that he was going to resign.

  8. Perhaps they'll quit, or just leave by attrition?
    Or their jobs will be eliminated!

    One may always hope?


  9. Some observations:

    1. Shouldn't you have to prove that you actually voted for the losing candidate in order to get admin leave?

    2. Regardless of whether #1 above pertains, do you get admin leave if you are distraught over the results of the state or local elections?

    3. At which level was the admin leave approved? 1st level supervior? Branch Chief? Commanding Officer (or civilian SES equivalent)?

    4. What about those throughout the country (inside or outside Beltway) who did not get admin leave? Can we expect a whole tranche of complaints to the MSPB over it?

    5. Would covering up the pictures constitute reasonable accommodation for the affected people with disabilities?