Wednesday, March 01, 2017

More yesterday

So after the Indians forced me to go outside, I figured I might as well go wandering a bit and see what Mardi Gras had going on Frenchmen Street and in the Quarter. Just for a bit. Because I was sick and resting.

There were bands, large and small.
Seems everyone was in a costume...or just letting their freak flag fly. Hey--I don't judge any more.
A portable stripper stage. Genius!
BOurbon Street--where the Tooth Fairy meets up with a couple selfie-obsessed pirates and Santa Claus.
Lightweight. Passed out drunk by 3PM, and no one around him seems to even notice. (And yes, I checked on him as well as the other two that I found lying in the street earlier. Some people just shouldn't drink.)

The crowd seemed a little heavier since the last time I was at Lafitte's Blacksmith shop back when Displaced Louisiana Guy came to town. (That was September. So long ago. Get back here, fella...and bring your dad!)
I came, I saw, I went home.


  1. Looks like fun! I we DO need to hang out again!

  2. Do any of these people work? It seems as if every day is a party. Who covers their bar tabs?

    1. It's a holiday here. Everyone except service industry and police has it off. And tourists. Hotels area-wide are over 99% occupancy. Most locals don't go anywhere near the French Quarter so you're basically seeing tourons down there. (Touron = tourist + moron)

  3. Yep, NOT the time to be booking a hotel...

  4. Truly the Hurricane Katrina didn't teach them a thing.