Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Because NOLA--parades

You didn't think we could have Easter here without Easter Parades, did you? There were three in the French Quarter on Sunday. But I missed the first one because I had church. But afterwards...

There was the Chris Owens parade, sponsored by entertainer and club owner Chris Owens, of course.

I took da dogs.

We were right on the inside corner where the parade turned, on Bourbon, right across from Lafitte's Blacksmith shop.

Gotta have a brass band.

Chris Owens on the lead float

And then it was just parade, with people on the floats throwing candy, stuffed toys and other goodies.
Elvis on a scooter. Why not?
What's this? Mini-horses and alpacas? Oh no!
Talk about undivided attention.
But they were good. No equestrians were injured or intimidated.
As usual, Belle makes a friend.
And because they were so good, I took them to Buffas, where I got a burger and they waitress hooked them up with bacon. They love Buffas.


  1. Looks like you're still having fun there, Murph. Enjoy.

  2. Murphy and Belle totally owned that parade! :o)

  3. Good puppies! :-)