Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What a freaking workout!

I just gave two German Shepherd dogs a bath. Belle hates water, and she pulled her patented "boneless dog" routine by dropping to the floor and going limp as soon as she figured out what was happening. But I finally managed to get her into the shower and washed, and even managed to get her outside without her shaking the water off all over the inside of my house.

Murphy likes to swim, but he's no fan of showers either. He doesn't passively resist--he fights. But I succeeded in my efforts to drag him into the shower and he got his, too.

Now both are outside having their post-bath cookies, and I just finished cleaning the bathroom and showering myself, since there was more wet dog hair on the floor, walls and me than on the dogs by the end of it.

Screw this. I need a beer.


  1. Screw the beer; you deserve something stronger!

    1. Got nothing in the house and don't feel like going out.

  2. Hahaha!

    They're pretty smart and they have you outnumbered.

    I need to meet those pooches.

    1. Flights into MSY are cheap, and lodgings are cheaper if you know where to look. Come on down! The World War Two Museum and others await!

  3. Anonymous9:41 AM

    RE: Bath time. BTDT. After I spent an hour cleaning husky fur out of the tub drain I went to Plan B: a 4 ft, 100 gallon galvanized cattle trough on casters, and decent handheld shower and a homemade siamese hose connected to the laundry sink. Warm weather, baths in the driveway, for winter, baths in the garage with the drain hose running out under the door.

    He loved water - sprinklers, pools, rivers, lakes - but very little enthusiasm for baths. Once he was in the trough, though, he accepted his fate. And, did I mention that warm water increased the shedding? Daily brushing and he still killed 2 vacuum cleaner bags the week after a bath.

    If I ever get another husky I'm having him sealed in plastic before I bring him home.