Monday, May 01, 2017

Home again...sigh

So I got back home yesterday after a flight lengthened by having to go around some storms. This wouldn't have been bad except for the fact that just before take-off, a woman with a pre-two year old boy got on and took the seats right next to me.

This boy cried or screamed for the entire damned flight, with his mom doing little to really stop him.

At one point, mom took her little darling up to the bathroom, and it seemed like the rest of the plane was giving ME the evil eye, like this was somehow my fault. I told the couple across the aisle "Hey, that's not my kid...that kid's the reason I don't have kids!"

That at least got some laughs. But then they came back and the brat started up again. She'd offer him any of a number of snacks, and he'd scream "NO!" and try to throw them at her. She'd give him a toy and he'd throw it. And all she'd do was pick whatever it was up and tell him quietly that he was being mean.

Mean? MY Mom would have defined "mean" long before that with a smack that I'd still have been feeling hours later if I'd done even a fraction of what this little Spawn of Satan was doing in public. But this mom was a early 20's millennial girl and she clearly didn't believe in teaching her kid the meaning of the word "respect". Nope. All she did was blather on her phone after we landed about how she was going to leave her kid with her sister for a few days because she "couldn't take it anymore".

So I got back home, calmed the dogs down, then leashed them up for a walk because I needed something from the store. And they can't come into this Walgreens so I have to tie them up outside. I usually wrap their leashes around a post then tie them to each other but apparently I did a bad lob of is because a minute after I went into the store, I heard yelling and screaming up at the front and the words "Oh my God there's DOGS up in here!" And I knew right away who those dogs had to be.

Sure enough, they'd gotten untied and come in, and they were casually cruising the aisles looking for me while half of the store--staff and customers alike (and even the security guard)--were trying to flee or hide from them.

I grabbed their leashes up and took them back outside, apologizing to the cashier on the way out. "Sorry. They just wanted to make sure I got the right dog biscuits this time."

Yep. I'm definitely not at the NRAAM any more.


  1. That mom gives real moms a bad name. Jeez, now ya know where the saying "some people's kids" came from.

    Heh, the dogs are in fine form.

  2. Hey Murphy;

    I remember when my son was 2 year old and he was showing his ass in walmart, and I smacked it and some women walked by, saw what I had done and shrieked "That is child abuse..!" I was highly irritated by both my sons antics and the nosy bitty shoving her nose in my business " caustically replied" want some of this also?"
    She ran off and I gathered my kid and left.
    I did have fun at NRAAM, met some cool people and fondled a lot of guns :) Bet the dogs were glad to see you....

  3. Ah yes, reality check, courtesy of the pups... LOL

  4. I fly commercial a lot and see way too much of the behavior you describe. Some folks are way too lenient and let thir kids decide how they should behave - the touchy-feely philosophy that kids should 'chart their own course' - Bull! Kids need structure and discipline (kind of like dogs, huh?). I spent the majority of quite a few flights with my boys when they were real young in the head since they were not going to disturb other passengers, returning to our seats only when they calmed down. Also found out that it's hard for them to cry a lot when they have a hand over their mouth and have to breathe thru their nose! Got some stinkeye for that 'abuse' as well, but the kids learned pretty quickly to behave when traveling!