Monday, July 31, 2017

A tale of two piggies

This little piggy smelled bacon.

"Sighted bacon, ate same."

This little piggy said "Where's mine?"

How do you not give a dog that cute a piece of bacon?

Happy piggys at the lunch bar.

New Orleans is good to these dogs.


  1. bacon for the doggies. I was remembering out late dog and the things she LOVED to get treated to her. Bacon first and foremost. But Chinese food fried noodles were huge. Always brought her a bag when we had Chinese food takeout.

  2. Hey Murphy;

    The dogs look happy, you are happy, yep New Orleans is good for y'all.

  3. They're getting fat... Just sayin... LOL

    1. They are NOT fat! Each is down 4-5 lbs since moving here. It's all the walking.

  4. Did you go to the Larry Correia book signing?

  5. Bacon is its own food group - for man or savage hound.

  6. Glad they are 'adjusting' well!

  7. New Orleans might be good to your dogs but it sure as hell isn't good for history (i,e. statues). And the crime rate?
    193,902 crimes reported in Louisiana in 2012
    Starting in 2012, it implemented a targeted anti-gang violence effort called "NOLA for Life," which led to a 20 percent year-to-year decrease in the number of murders. For the next couple of years, the murders roughly plateaued at the lower rate.

    That all changed last summer.
    "There's been a dramatic increase in gun violence that started in July of 2016, got significantly worse in October and November and then has continued to get worse in the first eight weeks of 2017," says Jeff Asher, a New Orleans crime analyst.
    What has changed is that New Orleans appears to be putting less effort into its focused deterrence strategy. Indictments have slowed to a trickle, and the "call-in" meetings stopped happening 15 months ago. (The city has now announced it will hold another one soon.)

    Why would New Orleans stop pushing a strategy that seemed to be working? A big factor seems to be manpower.

    To save money after the recession, the city let police department staff shrink through attrition to the point at which it was hundreds of officers lower than usual. Then, in late 2015, the department came under pressure from the media to improve its response times to 911 calls, which could take hours.
    Less Police.
    The Fricking mayor got rid of cops for his welfair works.
    and now crime is going up and up and up.

  8. totally off the subject, but I thought you would enjoy this:

    You want some help getting out? Haaaaaaaa Haaaaaaa
    Love it....that is my kind of logger.... BWgPPXqAKof/