Monday, August 07, 2017

Back to normal

So Saturday I was looking on Craigslist for used arks (armored ones, of course). Sunday morning, the water was gone and things when right back to whatever passes for normal here.

In some areas, if never stopped. This nice White Linen art gallery event was less than two miles from me and it went on soon as the rain stopped.

White Linen art night defied the deluge

Full disclosure: I was supposed to be there. With Anastasia. Instead I was relegated to paddling the backwaters of the Congo. Sigh.

But come the next day, other than some garbage clean-up and a few soaked cars, it was almost as if a quarter of the city had never flooded.

And me and the dogs...

We went to an art gallery.
And Jackson Square.

Then the dog bakery.

Then we watched street performers

And then we went to the bar where they got treats.

And it was like Saturday never happened. Except it did. And I blame the mayor who spent two million dollars taking down statues of war heroes just to make a national name for himself instead of using that money to fix our roads, hire more police and maybe even fix our drainage system.

Thanks to all those who expressed their concern.


  1. I'm happy that you and the hounds survived - but how can things have returned to normal if Belle didn't escape, or figure how to open the refrigerator and help herself to a juicy t-bone?

    1. Don't encourage her. I caught her half under the fence a couple weeks ago. The appropriate correction was applied.

  2. Yep, welcome to NOLA... sigh Glad y'all 'survived' the storm!

  3. Hey Murphy;

    Glad y'all are ok and it looks like the French quarter survived quite well. As far as the mayor goes, if he hadn't spent the millions removing statues of politically incorrect war heroes, the money would have vanished into one of many rat holes in the city government.

  4. Glad things are 'back to normal'.
    Sadly, this includes the history-erasing politicians.


  5. Glad to hear you and the pups are all OK and not waterlogged! I'm sure sonny Landrieu felt it a good investment of someone else's money to buy goodwill and votes

  6. That's what happens when the rats are left in charge of the ship NFO. Sucks huh?
    leaperman aka dwan seicheine