Sunday, August 20, 2017


So since the nimrods with nothing better to do decided to protest statues in New Orleans yesterday, that meant that I had to throw my plans for a nice day off out the window.

They gathered in Congo Square to hear a handful of angry black speakers denounce white supremacy for a while. And as you can see by the crowd shots, the speakers were pretty much the only black people there. I'd say the crowd of maybe 600 people was almost totally white, and maybe 70% female.

They eventually trooped down to the steps in front of Artillery Park, where more speakers blathered on about oppression of blacks and how the government and all police officers are white supremacists, and a hundred or so cops there to protect their right to speak and assemble stood around baking in the heat, undoubtedly wishing that all of these losers would just go home.

And of course the other side was there--all ten or twelve of them.

Actually with one black guy, that makes their group roughly 10% minority and statistically more diverse than the "Black Lives Matter" protest as a whole.

And nothing happened. Some yelling back and forth but eventually everyone went away with no drama, no violence and no arrests.

There was this cute cop though. I took a few pics of her when she wasn't looking.

Uh-oh. I think she sees me.

Actually she's a good friend that you might have seen in a shooting video or two previously. And the dogs love her. So she's ok.


  1. I think this is somewhat illustrative of the left's mindset - after all, what the hell have they got to protest now that NOLA's spineless mayor has taken down all of those terrible statues? Oh that's right, it was never about the statues, just about being chronic whiners and perpetual victims.

    Glad it was uneventful. Heaven knows if a snowflake had suffered even a stubbed toe, it would've been somehow blamed on a white/right conspiracy.

  2. I see your friend thinks you're number 1 on her list.

  3. Hey Murphy;

    And I suppose you were there to make sure that you got your "protest Cred" in since you live in a liberal area so they don't know that you think they are idiots. Well played sir. And you are right, the cop is kinda cute.

  4. She's just rubbing her itchy nose. You how flaky some of the leadership in New Orleans is. Don't want her to get fired for having a sense of humour ya know.

  5. Just realized something that your New Orleans protest had that the other, incredibly violent protests lacked-beer! That's what these protests need. Beer and more beer! Then it'll be "Come with us to the Protests!" "Will there be beer?" "No beer, this is a serious protest!" "NO BEER? Forget it."