Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Heading east...and Top Gun!

After coffee and some target shooting on BLM land this morning, I headed out east on why 50 today. Ran through Fallon, NV, and you know I just had to stop at Fallon NAS, Home of the US Navy's Top Gun training center, to see the airplanes. I had no trouble at all getting on base, and once on, I called that expert on on things Navy and cool, Old NFO, for some recommendations on what to see. And as usual, he did not disappoint. I took some pics of the static display aircraft that were there, including numerous old Russian/Soviet fighters that the Commnists were apparently nice enough to "donate" over the decades. then I drifted on over to a couple flight lines where I was able to see and photograph both F-18 and F-5 jets all prettied up in Aggressor colors. I was respectful of the signs and didn't go where prohibited or photograph any of the buildings or communications antennae but it still felt kind of weird to just be wandering about openly taking pictures and none of the people was saw me doing it even gave me a second glance. Obviously they're not worried, which probably means nothing classified that I can accidentally get pics of.

I stayed for bit and watched some jets fly, and now I'm back in Falln proper. Gassed the Jeep and getting lunch while I plot the next couple of days, and then it's off to Ely before I return either via Elko or Tonopah. Tomorrow or the next day. I haven't decided yet.  It's nice not to have to.


  1. Hey Murphy;

    Good advice on asking Old NFO; Since he was on the tiller with either John Paul Jones or Admiral Farragut, I can't remember and he knows all things squid. I do hope you gonna post some pics when you get back.

    1. JPJ or Farragut? Hell, he was on the helm with NOAH!

    2. He "Cranked" on the Mayflower. He fished with Jonah and ate the whale. He told me it was, and I quote him, "A bit greasy".
      Right OldNFO?

    3. I heard he advised Moses on amphib operations and conducted CSAR for Jonah.

  2. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Northern Nevada RR museum in Ely. Outdoor railroad yard "museum" ... plus you might be able to operate an engine if in season.

    Tonopah may be out of your way - and unless things have changed, you can't take pictures at the base. Probably can get to the gate before you get turned around ...

    But if you're headed that way, consider cutting off at Warm Springs (and the hot springs is right at the intersection) and take NV375 down "Extra-terrestrial Highway" through Rachel (the Area 51 road) and on to US95.

    Elko's going backwards but you could take NV278 north out of Eureka. Paved but makes US50 traffic look like rush hour.

    If you go down US93, just below Pioche is Cathedral Gorge. Worth a visit ... an easy trail but perhaps not so much with a prosthetic. Still, the overlook at the north end is worth a stop (and take the "business route" through Pioche ...)

    Have a good trip whichever way you go. That's some interesting country.


  3. You can get to the gate at Tonopah, and take a picure or two a mile out or so before you get there. you will be out of cell phone reception for sure, and it's about a 45 minute drive to get to the gate from town. You really can't see too much but an airfield off in the distance, and the housing area at the gate. The guards will damn sure not let you on the base. There is a large cattle operation right outside the gate, and I've shot lots of coyotes out there with nary a care from the base.

  4. Glad that all worked out! :-)